I help business owners doing between $1-$10MM to realize their full-potential by freeing them from the constant fire fighting, overwhelm and unsustainable hours which are limiting their ability to work ON their businesses and preventing them from being fully present with friends and family…

Jason Ayers Tempe 2015

Case Study 1: Brick & Mortar Business Results

In 2011, one of my private clients saw a decline in their annual income of $572.79.  That small decline was an alarm bell notifying them that what they had been doing to attract customers was losing effectiveness.

We sat down and mapped out a plan.  Before we decided to work together, one of the owners said, “This stuff doesn’t work.” We put it to the test…

Working together, we increased their income by an additional $67,895.54 during 2012 in a business sector which was experiencing declining results due to the local economy (it was the best year they’ve had since 1973) while simultaneously reducing their workload. They now attribute 90-95% of their new business from what we put in place…

Case Study 2: Realizing Career Goals & Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Another client was working in a job he hated with few prospects for advancement.

After several private sessions, he successfully competed against over 421 applicants to land his dream job working personally with an industry leader (at a substantially higher pay rate).

He has since moved into a senior executive leadership role in an industry and city he loves.

Case Study 3: Overcoming Procrastination & Mental Blocks

“…I just submitted my resume and cover letter for a great job referred to me by a friend that I have been putting off for nearly a week. I am not sure why, but after watching your video I was sure it was self sabotage so I took action.” – Ashley A.

Ashley not only got the great job – she went on to own her own successful company.

Are these results typical? Unfortunately not – a lot people who read this will choose to do nothing, but that’s a choice and if you’re going to make a choice, you might as well choose a path that’s going to turn your life around…

A Few of The Companies I’ve Worked For or With:

A few of the companies I've worked for or with