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About Me

I'm an integrator that helps visionaries and executives turn their visions into reality by making sure the right people, processes, and solutions are in place. Here are some fun facts:

  • Most people hate problems. I love solving them.
  • I'm an entrepreneur, operations optimizer, process engineer, and relentless problem-solver with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering.
  • I'm a certified Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP), which helps me get my clients into action when they're feeling stuck, trapped, or blocked.
  • I went to military school when I was 15 and have spent most of my life studying leadership, the psychology of achievement, performance management, systems, marketing, automation, business and sales (possibly because we grew up without cable television).
  • I studied rocket science on the side and interviewed with NASA (but turned the opportunity down when one of the engineers told me the title sounded exciting, but the job wasn't).
  • I've lived in six states and three countries. I speak English, Spanish, some Russian, some German, and some French (I love languages and the smile a few familiar words can create).

They Say


“…Jason has a lot of training and experience in helping get businesses noticed on the web. More importantly he knows how to get you customers…”

"I strongly recommend Jason..."

"Jason is a professional, punctual and detail oriented person. His work ethic and dedication surpass most. I strongly recommend Jason as a friend and as a business associate."

"...had my best interests in mind from start to finish.”

“Jason provided a lot of value in our 1:1 call. He has given me many invaluable advices and he had my best interests in mind from start to finish.”

Joel Mark Witt Founder, Folk Media
Avin Wong Director, Best Software Index (UK)

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