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Podcast: How to Stop Your Stories From Destroying Your Life With Raj Jana

 September 9, 2020

By  Jason Ayers

By now, you may or may not realize much of your reality is shaped by the stories you tell yourself. In fact, your identity is heavily influenced by the collection of stories that you've told yourself or that you've accepted as truth throughout your life. Those stories can help you, but they can also hurt you.  

In this podcast episode with my close friend, Raj Jana of JavaPress Coffee, we discuss how you can stop your stories from destroying your life (and your business).

Key Takeaways:

  • Failing strategies reveal faulty stories (which you can change).
  • There’s so much wisdom in knowing yourself - take the time to journal, reflect, and meditate.
  • Your stories only feel like facts because you have deleted, distorted or generalized all evidence that says otherwise.
  • Make time for you so you can show up for others

Jason Ayers

Integrator & Solutions Architect | Mindset & Performance Coach | Voice of Reason In The Storm >> I help visionaries and their integrators (i.e. COOs, CMOs, and CTOs) create actionable plans to transform their visions into reality (without stepping on the landmines hidden along the path). >> Then, I help them clear the obstacles, mental blocks, and relationship problems that are frustrating their ability to act so they can move ahead quickly, powerfully, and with the perspectives they need to win.

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